Clean Air . . . Clean Water . . . Clean Land . . . Clear Minds

" Green For All ® " Healthy Lifestyle Activities
Awards Program

Rewarding Participation in
Arts, Environmental, Humanitarian & Sports Activities

  • Universal
  • - easily translated and illustrated
  • Participation
  • - all ages, all interests, abilities, alone or with friends
  • Motivational
  • - providing three levels of achievement; bronze, silver & gold
  • Educational
  • - programs and projects to raise awareness of the environment
  • Rewards
  • - earning Certificates of Achievement & Recognition
  • Celebrating
  • - achievements in healthy lifestyle activities
  • Paperless
  • - program materials may be downloaded and submitted online

    Our Environment:

    The 'Green For All' Healthy Lifestyle Activities Awards Program celebrates and rewards the many ways we enjoy and preserve our environment;

    Clean Air! Clean Water! Clean Lands!
    Clear Minds to Discover & to Dream

    Participation Booklet:

    There are over 100 healthy lifestyle arts, environmental, humanitarian and sport indoor and outdoor activities listed in the program booklet that may be completed online or in the booklet score card.

    Each activity has a time period assigned to earn a circle and code letters to fill in the score card to keep track of activities and progress towards completing each level.

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