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Licensing the " Green For All ® " Brand on Products

Green For All ® " Licensed branded environmentally friendly and
sustainable living Products may include but not limited to the following:

Banking products including low interest loans to built 'Green For All' Homes and the purchase of energy efficient Automobiles

'Green For All' Credit Cards offering points for purchasing energy efficient products

Bio-degradable products; soap, detergents, cleansers and hanging air fresheners

Building materials; recycled, re-used, salvaged

Energy saving green technology products; solar panels, wind turbines, geothermal and radiant, waste to energy facilities, infiltration planters, green roof, porous pavement, wet storm water manageable ponds, cradle-to-grave waste cycle, biomass power generation, solar thermal and photovoltaic energy, solar mobile phone and ipod chargers

Gardening, Landscaping and Farm products; compost containers, mulch mats, organic fertilizers and insecticides, fungicides, trees, shrubs, watering systems, recycled plastic stakes, tools, electric and motorized utility tools and vehicles

Natural Living products; cleansers, liquid soap, body & foot scrub, glass & plastic cleaner

Organic products; lawn care and vegetables

Recyclable made products; sacks, gift bags, bins, shopping totes, lapel pins