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" Green For All ® " Licensing

Gardening & Landscaping Category

Gardening and Landscaping Companies use of 'Green For All' on packaging and products will promote environmentally friendly and sustainable living products while aligning the corporate message to the green economy.

Gardening and Landscaping Companies use of 'Green For All' branded products and services may include but not limited to:
  • 'Green For All' Gardening, Landscaping and Farm products; compost containers, mulch mats, organic fertilizers and insecticides, fungicides, trees, shrubs, watering systems, recycled plastic stakes, tools, electric and motorized utility tools and vehicles.

  • 'Green For All' Gardening, landscaping and farm services; garden and landscape design planning consultants, organic fertilizing and insect control spraying, organic gardening consultants, organic farming courses,

  • 'Green For All' Organic products; lawn care and vegetables

  • 'Green For All' Recyclable products; sacks, gift bags, shopping totes;

  • 'Green For All' Promotional products; t-shirts, sweatshirts, posters, banners, pennants, newsletters, brochures, magazines, flyers.

  • 'Green For All' Landscaping

  • 'Green For All' Nursery products

  • 'Green For All' Poinsettias

Program Synopsis

Gardening and Landscaping Companies use of 'Green For All' is a market leadership initiative that showcases your commitment to healthy and environmentally involved representatives and customers. In a retailing context where price, quality and assortments are increasingly equal; we judge that it is critical to create and nurture innovative and versatile platforms for competitive differentiation.